Good day, traders, everyone.

Yesterday I wrote that the signs of buyer power prevail and that it is dangerous to sell. As a result, the price grew the whole day and reached the levels I gave for shorts. Although, I said that it was better to wait and look around…

Good morning. Straight to the point.

Yesterday was a powerful volatile day, which worked perfectly with our yesterday’s signals. We missed one entry level by literally 2 points. First, the first buy signal worked, the price reached take profit level. …

Good morning, traders and chart lovers.

I did not give any scenarios or signals yesterday, but notice how beautifully our grid of levels worked out. Unfortunately, I did not have time to buy at the gray level, but I opened a couple of trades higher. Plus I got one trade…

Good morning traders and chart lovers.

Review of yesterday’s results

I gave 2 signals to go short and one of them worked very well. The deals are shown on the screenshot. I myself, watching the situation in the moment, managed to get into a couple of deals.

Fixing the situation

We still cannot identify the reversal within the global balance, as the key level 1.1820 was not repositioned upwards. Plus the structure of the upward movement is not the strongest. But the situation is so far, that I cannot give any exact day signals today. It is necessary to look at the situation in the moment.

And we are professionals, so we won’t make any unnecessary decisions if the situation is unclear. But most of the time there is clarity, so we are not worried ;)

Good morning, traders and chart lovers. We continue our public trading, which is effective and exciting by the way. Last week was a beautiful week, as well as all the others. I hope this week will not be an exception

Before we start, I would like to ask all kind…

Good Morning All Traders

Yesterday I gave 2 levels for the short. As a result, the first level was beautifully taken and the second one we hadn’t caught.

Unfortunately, when I wrote the post, I marked take profit where it should have been if the price reached the second sell level and forgot to indicate take profit in case if the market had fallen after the first level.

Nevertheless, the take profit was achieved, though not very big. I closed the deals far away myself.

In the coming days I will add the pound to our public trading. I have already made a couple of deals there yesterday.

Good morning, traders. I should say right away that today is not a simple day, so there will not be super interesting signals today, but this is fine, because we objectively assess the market and act reasonably within the system, instead of just making deals like on an assembly line…

Good morning, traders.

Review of last day’s results.

Notice how exactly, how beautifully the levels we set and the planned scenario worked out. We managed to sell and buy yesterday. I gave 2 signals to trade, one from above to sell and one from below to buy, and the price…

Good morning, traders. For the convenience and speed of reading, I will try to transform my posts and structure them so that you will feel most comfortable reading them.

Last day’s results.

The market, as always, very accurately implemented the scenario we had outlined.

Yesterday I wrote:

“The potential for…

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