Greetings warmly to all, traders. The futures just moved to a new contract and the price is behaving very calmly so far, not making any grandiose movements. Yesterday it worked with the balance scenario, about which I wrote in the previous post, but it was wider by about 10–15 points. Conditions for use of yesterday’s signals were not fulfilled, so there were no deals by the signals, but at some moment I managed to buy some shorts and take some profits.

Yesterday was a perfect example of a volatile day with a neutral close. We are now at the maximum volume of yesterday and at the maximum volume of the intraday balance 1.2090–1.2150, and we are in the middle of that balance.

Given what Monday and Tuesday were like, and given that Wednesday is often a volatile day on the Euro. Also given the price position at the moment, it would not be safe to give any close levels to trade, as the variability is quite high. To be completely safe here you need to look at the situation in the moment, so I wouldn’t give any clear signals today.

The only thing I will say is that you can just focus on the way 1.2124 will be fixed. If it will fix from the bottom, you can carefully sell, but again, this is just a reasoning and I will not give any specific signals today.