Good morning all, traders. As I said yesterday, the market is moving to the balance stage at least intraday. I wrote the post in the morning, gave a safety narrow range, in which the balance should be built, and did not give any signals except for the buy at 1.1865 with the target at 1.1887. However, it became clear along the way that the balance was indeed starting to build up, only in a wider range. Therefore, I closed my purchases later on the expected upper boundary. You can see it on the screenshot.

Sell from 1.1948 and 1.1961 with a target of 1.1915.

If there is no buying volume on 1.1886 and 1.1915 will be fixed from the bottom, you may sell from 1.1915 with the target of 1.1865. Although a part of the deal can be closed at 1.1886 for safety.

If I sell from 1.1948, you will probably ask why I do not give buy signals until this level. Actually, these purchases can be realized, but to do this you need to follow the price in the moment and to wait for the realization of certain factors, so I will not give such signals now.