Good morning, traders and chart lovers. We continue our public trading, which is effective and exciting by the way. Last week was a beautiful week, as well as all the others. I hope this week will not be an exception

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Fixing the situation

For the past 3 weeks we have been moving towards the lower boundary of the global balance, while also being in the local balance phase, which is expanding downward. Selling signs prevailed and there were no signs of a reversal, as I wrote about in my posts throughout this time.

Last week it formed a more consistent lower boundary and generated some volume there. At the same time, there have been no critical signs of a reversal in the global balance so far.

The best thing today is to hold an observation position and see how Friday’s volume plays out. Most likely, the balance in the blue rectangle will be further rationing and expanding.

Signals. (At least I will give you something today.)

You can very carefully sell at 1.1795 with a target of 1.1771 and a stop at 1.1808. Although, if certain factors triggered, it is possible to close on the break-even if the scenario is unsuccessful. I will write about it in the Telegram if something happens. But better, as I said above, today to be in an observation position.

Let’s sell at 1.1820 with the target 1.1795 and stop at 1.1837.

Under certain circumstances it is even possible to go down to the widening of the global balance, but many factors should work together, so I cannot say anything about it beforehand.

So, today is rather a day of aiming.

By the way, I will add 6B (GBP/USD) to my public trading, so… Well, yeah… Anyway… All have a nice week