Good morning, traders and chart lovers.

I did not give any scenarios or signals yesterday, but notice how beautifully our grid of levels worked out. Unfortunately, I did not have time to buy at the gray level, but I opened a couple of trades higher. Plus I got one trade on the pound. So far I have not done a full analysis on the pound and did not include it in my posts, but I will start doing it one day.

We are still in a complex, fairly tight balance, which is a very tricky situation. I will not burden you with analysis today, I will just give you trading recommendations, which I plan to follow today.

Sell at 1.1848 and 1.1854 with a target of 1.1825 and stop at 1.186.

Buy at 1.1810 and at 1.1798 with a target of 1.1820 and 1.1835 and stop at 1.1790

Buy at 1.1780 and 1.1770 with a target of 1.1807 and stop at 1.1763