Good morning. Straight to the point.

Yesterday was a powerful volatile day, which worked perfectly with our yesterday’s signals. We missed one entry level by literally 2 points. First, the first buy signal worked, the price reached take profit level. Then the price went further down and took long levels to buy, and then quickly reached the targets.

I didn’t have enough time to watch the charts yesterday and I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted, but the deals were done.

In the intraday auction, the signs of buyer power prevail. That’s why yesterday we bought from the supports. Yesterday confirmed that strength, and it closed upwards and was volatile, and yesterday’s volumes were buying.

It is rather dangerous to sell now, and it is naturally too high to buy. Therefore it makes sense to look around a bit, to wait until the price begins to test the nearest support and resistance, and based on its reaction to make a decision, to enter at these levels or not. Therefore it is difficult to give clear signals in advance. But I will try.

Sell at 1.1883, 1.1890 and 1.1905 with a target of 1.1863 and stop at 1.1912

We buy at 1.1809 with the target 1.1840

It is also possible that the price may go up from 1.1840, but here we must watch the price behavior in the moment.