Good day, traders, everyone.

Yesterday I wrote that the signs of buyer power prevail and that it is dangerous to sell. As a result, the price grew the whole day and reached the levels I gave for shorts. Although, I said that it was better to wait and look around. The price reacted both to the first and the second levels by the pullback, but did not reach the target.

Just a few minutes ago the last short level was taken and the reaction followed at it as well. In general, considering the situation and the fact that within the local balance there was an upside reversal, plus the intraday signs of the buyers’ strength still prevail, it is dangerous to short, but we tried it and we will see what will happen next. The target is now at 1.1870 and the stop is at 1.1915.

As usually I do not give signals on Friday, the more so that yesterday’s signals are still working, therefore I wish everyone a nice weekend.

By the way, it will be August already on Monday, so I will make a post with review of deals and results for July. The month turned out to be very productive. Thank you to everyone who is interested in my blog and my public trading. Thanks to you my actions are becoming more deliberate and overall trading is more interesting and exciting.