A warm welcome to everyone, traders. If I understand correctly, the USD is off today because of yesterday’s Independence Day, so we will not trade with you today. Although the chart seems to move, but the calendar says that today is a Holiday for USD. Nevertheless, let’s take a traditional recap of the last trading day.

First of all, I said, that ideally one should be in shorts like I was, but it is dangerous to look for new shorts, because downward movement can slow down and go to the balance phase and I gave only one level for trading: selling from 1.1854. As a result, I closed my short very timely. Then my signal worked out and the price reached its target perfectly, almost within tick to tick. I did not try to work with the signal, which I gave, because after closing my short, I decided that I would not trade that day. If someone did not close the entire trade on the first target and did not guess to exit the remaining lot, when the price went back to the entry level, then close it right now at breakeven.